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I write novels, essays, poems. Author of YA sci-fantasy novel “Bright Decay”.
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Recently, my novel writing has taken a back seat. I’ve been writing short stories, some more fantastical than the others. I write both sci-fi and fantasy, though I’d say there is a whimsical charm to even my darker tales.

Not all my stories are posted on Medium. For a complete…

My bin of used and unused Field Notes
(as well as three used Moleskine Pocket Notebooks)

I don’t journal a lot these days. Instead, there is comfort in quickly scribbled words in a tiny pocket notebook.

I’ve been using many from my Field Notes stockpiles, going through about one book per month. At the same time, I’m also using a Moleskine-styled pocket notebook with a sky…

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Though Rusto dislikes children, he can tolerate the orphans running around the station market. As long as they keep to themselves, only steal from the oblivious travelers stopping at Rodan 8C for resupply and not his spacecraft parts, he let the children roam free around his stall.

They like shiny…

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Exhausted and as dusty as the hauler spaceship, us crew members gathered in the mess bay to discuss our next step.

The long haul was over. The cargo delivered. The Antiquity was going home.

How long had it been? Months? Years? I no longer knew which calendar I should count…

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“How long is it gonna take?” 5765 laid on the operation table, asking the doctor. “Would I be late for dinner?”

The doctor introduced herself as Calypso. The name sounded fake, but 5765 wasn’t in the position to complain about names. Doctor Calypso was kind to him and didn’t treat…

and vote, you should

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Ever since March, there was a feeling in my bone that this year would be different. And different became an understatement. The global pandemic and all the millions of things happening at once. Somehow all these events pointed me to November. Like something big is about…

So I played Outlanders.

Outlanders by Pomelo Games is this town-building simulation game. It’s on Apple Arcade and that’s why I played it. I was away from home with only the iPad I bought earlier this year, missing my console but still want to play a game.

I decided to…

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“The portal is ready, Kyan — wait, why aren’t you in your costume?”

Startled by the sudden opening of her office door, Kyan turned to face her colleague, Beryl. His presence was always anxiety-inducing, since it either meant more work or bad news.

Or both. She was just about to…

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We don’t need preface for the time we are living in right now. Everyone is using the euphuism “the current situation” for the global pandemic. It’s a hard time for anyone, including creatives like us.

Artistic expression can take a backseat when the most pressing matter is your physical health…

Aurelia Wong

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