This is Your Reminder to Vote

and vote, you should

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

Ever since March, there was a feeling in my bone that this year would be different. And different became an understatement. The global pandemic and all the millions of things happening at once. Somehow all these events pointed me to November. Like something big is about to happen. As someone living in the US, it’s the election season.

Currently, I’m under a lot of stress from work and school, but I’m starting to find joy in a world seemingly mad.

You must’ve heard it from a lot of people, but go vote. Other people say it better than me, there are lists about how and why you should vote. Not many people read this blog anyway. No matter how much the future looks bleak, it’s your chance to change it.

Snapshot of my life

Currently reading: Slouching Toward Bethlehem, by Joan Didion

Currently watching: The Boys on Amazon Prime

Currently playing: Overwatch (it’s just so much fun)

Currently drinking: badly homemade milk tea

Currently listening: Caravan Palace

Current dream plan: bonfire s’more at the beach

Actual Plan: design a poster for school

I write novels, essays, poems. Author of YA sci-fantasy novel “Bright Decay”.

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