All My Best Stories in One Place

Sci-fi Short Stories, and more

Photo by fotografierende from Pexels

Recently, my novel writing has taken a back seat. I’ve been writing short stories, some more fantastical than the others. I write both sci-fi and fantasy, though I’d say there is a whimsical charm to even my darker tales.

Not all my stories are posted on Medium. For a complete collection, head to my website. All my stories and essays are available for free there.

All my stories exist in the same universe, but there is no reading order or prior knowledge required. Characters rarely make repeated appearances in different stories. If you read every story you might notice some Easter eggs, that’s all.

For my non-fiction articles, go on and dig through my Medium profile. There might be some gold there.

So, have fun and read as your leisure.

© Aurelia Wong 2020

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